Canon Photographer Gift Guide

If you have a photographer in your life then this gift guide is for you!!   Inside are tons of wonderful ideas broken down by category to make finding the perfect photographer gift easier than ever.  

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Beginner Camera

Canon Beginner Camera – I have used one similar to this for years and it works great!  This is a pretty inclusive starter kit for any budding photographer.


Canon 50mm Fixed 1.4 Lens – This is the lens needed for taking awesome portraits and macro shots.  If you want those awesome blurry background photos, then this is the lens to get. If you want more lens options, you can read the article How To Pick a Lens.

Tamron 24mm – 70mm Lens – This is my absolute favorite prime lens. It will take your photos to the next level. If you are even thinking about getting into professional photography, this is the lens you need.


Complete Filter Set – This set of filters is a great starter set for those that haven’t purchased filters before.  It comes with a UV filter, polarizing filter, neutral density filters, and macro filters.

UV Filter – This is a must-have filter for every lens you own.  It protects the camera sensor from damaging UV light.  Luckily they are pretty inexpensive.

Circular Polarizer – This filter is great for taking awesome sky photos and making water look extremely clear.  It is a fun filter to play with and can make a difference in how your photos come out.

Neutral Density Filters – Neutral density filters are great for making photos involving water smooth and dreamy.  Again another fun set of filters to play with.

Must Have Accessories

Tripod – A basic tripod is a must for every photographer and it doesn’t need to be expensive for basic photographers.

Extra Batteries – It sucks when you are in the middle of a photography outing and your camera runs out of battery.  Having extra batteries will eliminate that problem.

Battery Case – If you do get the extra batteries, it’s nice to have a place to keep them!

Memory Cards – Extra memory cards for your camera are a must as well.  This will keep you from having to delete photos if you run out of memory.

Cleaning Kit – It is extremely important to keep your camera and lenses clean.

Fun To Have Accessories

Fashion Camera Straps – These come in many different varieties and can be unique to your style.  Here is just one below.

Portable Camera Pouch – This makes putting your camera in any bag easy and keeps the camera safe.

Camera Backpack – This comes in handy when exploring the outdoors and bringing your camera along, such as hiking or camping trips.

Fancy Camera Bag – For those ladies that want to look chic and not touristy carrying around their camera.  There are lots to choose from, and below is only one example.

Photography Course

If the photographer in your life is still trying to figure out how to use the camera, a great beginner photography course is a must.  I created a beginner course geared exclusively for the Canon camera.  You can check it out here:  The Ultimate Canon DSLR Photography Course for Beginners

Those are all my recommendations on the perfect gifts for photographers.  If you have any other recommendations or just questions about products, leave me a comment below!

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