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Learn how to go from Auto to Manual with this course designed specifically for the Canon DSLR Camera

Learn how to go from Auto to Manual with this course designed specifically for the Nikon DSLR camera

I am a Mom to two beautiful girls and wife to a great husband. I have a passion for photography and want to help you conquer your fear of that DSLR. I remember the first time I held my shiny new camera in my hands and got immediately intimidated by all those buttons. I want to help you get over that, and get the great photographs that you want. 

Download 4 of the 10 DSLR Cheat Sheets included in beginner photography course to make taking great photos easy!

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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Using On-Camera Flash

Shooting indoors in low light or outdoors near evening can be challenging and our first instinct is to use the on-camera flash.  While this is an easy way to light up the subject you are photographing, it is actually the worst thing you can do to a photo. Using...

How To Improve Your Photography This Weekend

Improving your photography skills can be as simple as just picking up your camera. But sometimes we need actionable tasks to help get us started. Below are 7 ways to improve your photography this weekend. Whether you choose one item a weekend or try to do all 8 in one...

10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mommy Photographer

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and some of you may be looking for that great gift to get your Mom or Wife.  This is a pretty special day and these Moms work really hard to take care of everyone in the family, so they deserve a little something special....

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