I was once in the same shoes you are.  I purchased my first DLSR about 10 years ago.  I pulled it out of the box and thought “Now what do I do with it”.  I quickly set it up, put it on Auto and started taking pictures, excited to see some great photos.  Well, that was a big let down as I quickly realized that the photos were not any better than my point and shoot or phone camera photos.  I then went scouring the internet looking for tutorials and courses for help.  I found courses, but none less than $200, which I was not prepared to pay.  So I went the tutorial route and slowly (and I do mean slowly) learned how to use my camera.  10 years later, I am now a portrait and travel photographer.  I developed these exercises to help you progress faster through the learning curve.

Rebecca - Your Instructor

How I can Help

Want to learn how to get those blurred background portraits?  Want to learn how to take awesome sports photos of your kids?  Want to go from Auto Mode to Manual Mode?


Included In The Course

27 Photography Exercises Included

  • Setting Up Your Camera Checklist
  • Aperture Experiment
  • Playing With Depth of Field
  • Blurry Background Portrait
  • Landscape Photo
  • Group Photo Exercise
  • Bokeh Exercise
  • Shutter Speed Experiment
  • Stop The Action
  • Tack Sharp Photo
  • Practice Metering
  • Manual Mode Outdoor Portrait
  • Manual Mode Indoor Portrait
  • Manual Mode Landscape Photo
  • Manual Mode Sports Photo
  • A Week of Manual Mode
  • Metering Modes Experiment
  • Harsh Light
  • Window Light
  • Back-Lighting
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Using Lines
  • Framing Your Subject
  • Using Depth
  • Negative Space
  • Fill the Frame
  • Reflections

5 Cheat Sheets

  • Aperture 
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • 4 – Steps to Manual Mode
Black and White Family Photo

Free DSLR and Mirrorless Settings Cheat Sheets and more!


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