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Learn how to use your DSLR and get the photos you want. Taking this course will help you understand all the aspects of DSLR photography and how to go from Auto to Manual mode so you can take control of your photos.


Do you struggle with choosing the right settings for your camera?

Do you spend hours on the internet trying to find the answers to your photography questions?

Do you wish you could have a dedicated course that won’t take months to complete to figure out how to use your DSLR camera?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are in the right place!  Before I show you exactly what is in the course let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was once in the same shoes you are.  I purchased my first DLSR about 14 years ago.  I pulled it out of the box and thought “Now what do I do with it”.  I quickly set it up, put it on Auto and started taking pictures, excited to see some great photos.  Well, that was a big let down as I quickly realized that the photos were not any better than my point and shoot or phone camera photos.  I then went scouring the internet looking for tutorials and courses for help.  I found courses, but none less than $300, which I was not prepared to pay.  So I went the tutorial route and slowly (and I do mean slowly) learned how to use my camera.  14 years later, I am now a portrait and travel photographer.  I made this course so that you didn’t have to go through the slow painful learning process that I did.  I promise, once you finish this course you will be off Auto mode, more confident with your camera, and creating images you love!

Rebecca - Your Instructor

Included In This Course

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2.5 Hours of Video Instruction

    • All the shooting modes on your camera explained
    • Specific examples of how to use the priority manual modes and full manual mode.
    • A step-by-step explanation of how to set up your camera for different shooting scenarios.
    • Lighting and composition discussions
    • All video lessons are less than 20 minutes long

Master Your DSLR Photography Exercises Course

Included with this course is the Master Your DSLR Photography Exercises course containing 27 guided photography exercises.

6 Cheat Sheets

These cheat sheets will help you choose the right settings for your camera.  The cheat sheets are easy to understand and can be easily printed to put into your camera bag or downloaded to your smart phone.

Personal Feedback

Personal feedback and support are included in this course.  Each module contains a Q&A section allowing you to ask questions about the material.  There is also a private course Facebook Group to share and ask questions of both me and your fellow students.

Why take this course?

  1. Get off Auto!
  2. Learn how to take tack sharp photos!
  3. Understand photography terms like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  4. Use Manual mode to creatively control your settings
  5. Learn how to create dreamy bokeh


Student Testimonials

I got a DSLR for my birthday and had noooo idea how to use it. I’ve still got a lot to practice, but now I feel confident experimenting with my camera in Av and Tv mode. This course is perfect for absolute beginners! The cheat sheets alone are going to make your life so much easier.


This course gave me information in a easy understandable manner and the cheat cards are ever so helpful. I now have toolbox that gets me using my camera in a more confident manner, thank you.


This was a very simple – easy to follow course. Being a visual learner- it helped so much to see her charts of where different buttons are and how to get to certain features. Those were my main reasons for staying in auto- I didn’t know how to get to the different features on my camera. Also she is amazing to work with. The instructor went above and beyond for me. I absolutely feel comfortable asking questions and she is quick with her response.


This course took me from “say what is that again” to ” I can do this with some practice!” So excited to now start taking professional quality pics of my family and friends! Love the cheatsheets included! Thank you Rebecca!


Master your DSLR Course Student count

Over 600 students have already leaned into learning DSLR photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different from others?

It’s geared towards the new/novice photographer – it will teach you DSLR photography without all the fancy camera jargon.

How much time does it take to complete the course?

The course includes 2.5 hours of video instruction, so technically you could binge-watch the entire course in one day. That being said, the course was designed to be taken in modules, allowing the user to practice the concepts until they become comfortable.  The longest video in this course is 20 minutes, so its easy to find time to watch the material.  I would recommend taking the introduction modules (first 3) at the same time to become acquainted with your camera, then taking a day or two per shooting mode module until you feel comfortable moving on.  Practicing is the key to DSLR photography. The more you have your hands on the camera, the more intuitive it will become.

What kind of camera is this course geared towards?

These courses are specifically designed for DSLR camera owners.  This course is not intended for phone photography or point and shoot cameras.

I am not a beginner, is this course right for me?

No, this course is intended for novice photographers who haven’t mastered the basics of DSLR photography.  If you understand Manual mode and how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect your photos, this is not the course for you.

Can't I just use online tutorials to learn my camera?

You absolutely could and, in fact, my website has tons of tutorials on DSLR photography!   The drawback that I found in my experience going that route is that it takes much longer –  all the information isn’t in one place and many times I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for.  This course provides an affordable option to gain all of the information you need to go from Auto to Manual in one place.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course so please start anytime and go at your own pace!   After completion of the course, you will be able to log in at any time to refresh your skills and, as a member of my community, you will be notified as additional material and courses are made available.  

What if there is something I just don't understand?

I hear you and am always available to help with questions.  Each module of the course has a seperate area for questions right in the course.  There is also a private Facebook group for this course.  You can drop your questions there as well.

What if I am not satisfied with the Course

I want you to be satisfied.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee if, within 30 days of your purchase, you decide that the course is not right for you.

But Wait!  Here Are The Bonuses You Get

Photography Idea List Mockup

Over 50 photography ideas to spark your creativity.  This list includes almost every genre of photography and ideas to do with your subjects.

What’s In The Course Exactly?

Master your DSLR Course Introduction Screen Shot

Module 1 – Course Introduction

A welcome and brief introduction to the course.  You will be shown how to navigate the course, where too ask questions, and how to access the bonus material.

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Camera


Learn how to set-up your camera the right way from the start.  Included in this module is also a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Setting Up your Camera Checklist in Master Your DSLR Course
Master Your DSLR Button Mockup

Module 3 – All About the Buttons

This module explains all the buttons on a Canon and Nikon entry level camera so you know what buttons to push to change settings and in general operate your camera.

Module 5 – Shooting Modes, Aperture, Shutter Speed

This module is where you will learn about the different semi-manual modes including Aperature Priority mode and Shutter Speed Priority mode.  You will learn how aperture and shutter speed affect your photos in terms of light, depth of field, and motion blur.  This module includes cheat sheets and shooting exercises to help you understand these concepts and get off Auto mode.

Master your DSLR Shooting Modes Mockup
Master your DSLR ISO mockup

Module 6 – ISO and White Balance

This module will teach you about ISO and White Balance.  You will learn how these settings affect your photos and how to choose the right settings depending on the lighting scenarios you encounter.

Module 6 – Manual Mode

This is where we get into full manual mode.  This module will take you through the exposure triangle, metering, a 4-step process for manual mode, and how to use the histogram to determine exposure.

Master your DSLR Manual mode mockup
Master your DSLR Metering modes mockup

Module 7 – Metering Modes and Focus Modes

In this module you will learn what metering and focus modes are available on your camera.  You will learn how the different modes will affect the photos and how to choose the right mode for your shooting scenario.  You will also be introduced to back-button focusing and how activate it on both a Nikon and Canon entry level DSLR.

Module 8 – Chasing Light

This module will cover natural light and how to use it to get great photos.  We will discuss harsh light, window light, and backlighting.  You will learn how to look for light and there are exercises to help you practice in each of the lighting scenarios.

Master Your DSLR Chasing light mockup
Master your DSLR Composition Mockup

Module 9 – Compelling Composition

In this module you will learn about 7 different composition tecniques that will take your images from drab to compelling.  Included are exercises so you can practice all the tecniques you have learned about.

Module 10 – Extras

In this module we will discuss equipment that you may want to consider now or in the future.  I will also take you through a few of the free online photo editing tools available to you.

Master your DSLR Useful Info mockup
Master your DSLR course conclusion mockup

Module 11 – Course Conclusion

This module wraps the course up.  You will find all the cheat sheets and all the exercises in this one place for your reference.

Master your DSLR Sals Mockup

Don’t waste another minute trying to learn how to use your DSLR by scouring the internet.  This course is everything you need to get off Auto and into Manual mode.  Shoot the images you have been dreaming of!

Free DSLR and Mirrorless Settings Cheat Sheets and more!


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