Make your own holiday cards tutorial.

With the holiday season fast approaching I wanted to show you how you can save some money by making your own holiday cards with free online software.  Using those online card sites can get quite pricey and sometimes we wait to long to actually use them.  

In the video below, I take you step-by-step through my process of making holiday cards with the free online software Be Funky.  (I am not an affiliate or employee of this company, so I am not getting reimbursed for this post!)  At the end of the tutorial, I also show you how to print your cards and how to save even more money in the process.  The caveat of this process is that they won’t be printed on thick cardstock like some of the other online card companies but on photo paper.  But hey, if you want to save money or are in a time jam, this method works perfectly.  

So that’s how to make your own holiday cards on the cheap.  Doing this will also make your cards unique as no one can copy your design style! Hope you have a happy holiday season!

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