January photography challenge - f-stop challenge

The January topic for the photography technique challenge is the f-stop challenge. For the month of January, I want you to choose an f-stop (aperture number) and stick with it all month. Shoot everything with that f-stop! You can choose to shoot wide open (low f-stop) or closed down (high f-stop).

The goal of this challenge is to help you understand how the f-stop you choose affects your photos in terms of light and depth of field. You will also really begin to determine how choosing an f-stop combined with what you are focusing on in the image can produce multiple outcomes with the same scene.

Just a little primer on aperture in case you are dusting off your camera. The lower the f-stop number the more light you are letting into your camera. Also, the lower the f-stop the lower your depth of field, meaning what you focus on will be in focus and the rest of the image may be out of focus. Alternately, the higher your f-stop the less light is being let into your camera and the larger your depth of field. More of your image will be in focus.

When choosing whether to go high or low with your f-stop you might want to consider the season you live in. Here in the US, we are in winter and therefore there are fewer daylight hours. For that reason, and to avoid too much frustration, I would choose to go with a low f-stop (more light coming into your camera) for January. We will be revisiting this same concept in September, where I ask you to choose the opposite f-stop from what you decide for this month.

There you have it, choose an f-stop and stick with it. Remember to join us on Facebook or Instagram and tag your photos with #LSCMonthlyTech

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