Great vacation Photogs with your iPhone

Taking great vacation photos doesn’t require a fancy camera.  All you need is your iPhone and a few tips on how to compose your shots.  Besides your DSLR can be a pain to lug around and/or you may be in an environment that can be hazardous to your DSLR, such as sand or water.  All the photos in this article were taken with an iPhone 7, to prove that you can use an iPhone to take great photos.

Vacation Photo Tip 1: Use Weather to Set a Scene

Cloud photos with iphone

Let the weather tell a story in your vacation photos.  This photo shows the changing weather in Florida where it rains at least once every day.  These clouds were so beautifully shaped and interesting with the light shining through in just one spot.  Make sure to add depth in photos like these.  In this photo, I used the tree in the foreground to give the photo depth.  

Vacation Photo Tip 2:  Change Your Perspective

change Perspective iphone vacation photos

This next tip involves changing your perspective as a photographer.  I wanted to capture what the girls were seeing as they looked at the hermit crabs that they had just caught themselves.  The addition of their beautiful proud faces makes it even better.  

Vacation Photo Tip 3:  Capture a Sunset

sunset iphone vacation photo

While on vacation, always take a sunset picture, and your iPhone can do this beautifully.  The key is to wait for the sun to almost fully set on the horizon.  These types of photos can lead to great colors in the sky, or if you are on the water, as shown above, you can get great sun flare on the water.

Vacation Photo Tip 4:  Use the Sunset to Capture Silhouettes

Creating great silhouette photos is easy once you follow a few basic rules.  The first is that you must be shooting into the light.  Second, you must position your subject in front of the light, so that they are partially blocking the light.  The final rule is to put some distance between you and the subject so that the light coming through surrounds your subject and the sensors of the camera.  If you are to close, the iPhone will be able to spot meter the subject and will not create a silhouette.  

Vacation Photo Tip 5:  Just Take Photos

dog iphone vacation photo

The final tip I have is to just take the photos no matter what camera you have available.  A low-quality photo of a precious moment is always better than no photo at all.  Just remember that how you compose your photos is important and can make all the difference between a good photo and an average photo.  

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