Finding the right health journey for you can be tricky.  I think it depends on what health goals you want to accomplish, what stage of life you are in, and more importantly what your level of commitment is to accomplish your health goals.  

I have tried a couple different programs including Weight Watchers and Beachbody’s 21-day fix both with some success and failure. Both programs are good and I don’t discredit either one of them. The Weight Watchers program really helped me when I was younger and trying to get rid of the college weight.  I recently tried it again, 15 years later, without much success. I have recently decided to go back to the container system of the 21-day fix because I really just need to get portions under control, and the containers make that easy to do without having to convert foods into points or check the calorie counts.  Which at my stage in life, busy as all get out with kids activities and working, is easiest.

If you have found yourself reading this, it’s because you stumbled here or got redirected from a few old posts I did on my weight watchers journey.  I have decided to delete those posts to focus on overall healthy eating and living. I plan to keep sharing healthy recipes. The recipes will include both Weight Watchers points and 21-day fix container counts to help everyone on either system.  Because I did have several good resources on those posts, I have included them below.

Free Weight Watchers Meal Planner

Free Blank Grocery List

Free Weight Watchers Zero Points Food List

You can have all three downloads delivered right to your inbox by clicking the image below.  

You can visit the following pages to see some weekly meal plans that I created for the Weight Watchers plan.  There are 5 easy recipes included in each meal plan to keep you satisfied and on track.

Week 1 Meal Plan

Week 2 Meal Plan

I hope to inspire you to find your perfect health journey.  There is a right program for everyone.  If you have any tips for finding the perfect health journey, leave a comment below.


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