Photography Technique Challenge February - Indoor

The topic for this month’s photography technique challenge is Indoor.  I challenge you to only shoot indoor, at different times of the day, and in different lighting conditions.  The point of this challenge is to grow your skills in those low lighting situations that can cause photographers to panic.  This challenge will also help you if you are trying to do any life documentary projects such as a project 365.  

Some things to remember to make this challenge a success:

  • Lowering your aperture (f-stop) will allow more light in
  • If you use a shutter speed slower than 1/60 you will want to place your camera on a tripod or other sturdy surface to prevent blur caused by camera shake. (Unless you are a brain surgeon and have rock-steady hands)
  • Raise your ISO to allow more light into your camera.  A little bit of noise is okay if the tradeoff is a properly exposed photo.  (Correcting exposure in post-processing introduces it’s own noise anyway)
  • If you are in a space and not using natural sunlight, change the WB on your camera to the proper lighting.  This will make sure you don’t have any weird tints in your photo. Of course, you can always correct this in post-processing but the goal is to get a great shot straight out of the camera.  

I hope you join me on this challenge this month.  Remember to head over to the LSC Facebook or Instagram pages and post your photos with the tag #LSCMonthly.

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