Best Gifts for Photographer Dads

Whether you are looking for gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or just an ordinary day, the suggestions below will be sure to please any Dad photographer.  Dads who are photographers are usually tech minded and love receiving photo equipment to play with. So go ahead and indulge them, you may just make his day and get some great photos of the kids in return!  Below is a list of photography equipment in a variety of price points sure to put a smile on his face.

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Camera Gear:

DSLR Sling Camera Bag:  This bag is for the guy who doesn’t want to carry the standard camera bag.  The sling design makes the camera easily accessible and carrying the accessories effortless.

Camera Strap:  This camera strap is what most men prefer as it takes the weight and stress off of the neck.  It also ups the cool factor of being a photographer.

Upgraded Tripod:  Lots of camera packages come with a stock tripod that is great for the new photographer.  This upgraded tripod is lightweight and is a 2 in one. It is both a tripod and can be converted to a monopod.  Any photographer would love this!

Photo Storage and Manipulation

External Hard Drive:  An external hard drive is crucial to any photographer.  Downloading and storing photos takes a bunch of memory and can slow a computer/laptop down.  An external hard drive will ensure all his photos are stored in one location and reduce the load on the computer/laptop operating system.  Luckily storage is getting cheaper by the minute!

Memory Card:  Extra memory cards are a must for any photographers bag.  The type of memory card is important. Standard memory cards are great for casual shooting.  This extreme pro memory card is super fast and allows you to take pictures faster and closer together.  This comes in handy, so he doesn’t miss that soccer goal or perfect at-bat moment.

Adobe Photoshop: Giving Dad the ability to edit his photos in a professional editing program will up his game.  This package gives Dad a year of access to both Lightroom and Photoshop to manipulate his photos endlessly.  These are the programs that the pros use! (I am not responsible for the amount of time he might spend at the computer if you gift this!!!)

Lenses and Lens Accessories:

Nikon 50mm Lens:  The first upgraded lens you should purchase is the nifty fifty.  This is a prime lens that enables the photographer to take beautiful portraits and awesome macro photography shots.  It is a great equipment addition to make and a lens that I have personally recommended to friends that shoot with a Nikon camera.

Nikon Super Telephoto Lens:  This lens is a 200mm – 500mm lens that is great for a sports photographer or a nature photographer.  This will allow him to zoom in and get that perfect shot.

Canon 50mm:  This is the Canon version of the nifty fifty and the lens that I personally use 90% of the time.  This lens is a prime lens that allows for beautiful portraits and awesome macro shots.

Canon Super Telephoto Lens:  This is a 100mm – 400mm lens that will allow the photographer to get up close and personal with any subject.  Its a great lens for the Dad who is always photographing his kids’ sports activities.

Lens Filters:  Filters for your lens are fun to play with.  The CPL and ND filters in this kit can produce stunning colors.  If the photographer in your life is looking to experiment with photography more, filters are definitely the way to go.  This kit even includes a cleaning kit! Just make sure you purchase the correct ring size. To find the ring size of the lens, just look at the rim on the glass side.  The number will be 58mm or 52mm, or something along those lines.

New Cameras:

Intro Canon DSLR:  If you are looking for a great starter camera to gift Dad, this is a great option for a Canon user.  It includes everything needed to get started with DSLR photography.

Full Frame Canon:  If Dad is an experienced photographer and ready to move out of the starter camera, a full frame camera body is the perfect gift.  Just make sure you check that his current lens will work with the new camera body or else you will need to purchase a lens as well.

Intro Nikon Camera:  This is a great starter package for the Dad who prefers a Nikon camera.  This package has everything needed to get started with photography.

Full Frame Nikon:  This is the camera upgrade for the experienced Nikon photographer.  This full frame camera will take the images to the next level. You will want to make sure to check that his current lenses are compatible with the full frame body.  

Amazon Gift Card:  If you just don’t know what gear to get him, you can always get a gift card and send him a link to this article.  Everybody loves a gift card!!

There you have it!  If there are any other ideas you have let me know in the comments and if you are a Dad and have other suggestions for gifts leave it in the comments below!  Have fun celebrating that special father in your life!!

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