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Taking awesome photos of your family and friends can be super easy. Let me teach you how! Check out my recent tutorials below.

Mommy photographer gift guide

10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mommy Photographer

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and some of you may be looking for that great gift to get your Mom or Wife.  This is a pretty special day and these Moms work really hard to take care of everyone in the family, so they deserve a little something special....
Shutter Speed Explained

What is Shutter Speed

What is shutter speed, how does shutter speed affect your photos, and what shutter speed settings should you use? This article explains all that with inforgraphics and pictures to help you understand shutter speed.

Aperture Explained

What Is Aperture

There are many fancy camera terms out there and Aperture seems to be the word that freaks people out the most.  Have no fear I will explain what Aperture is, show you with pictures how aperture will affect your photos, and show you how to choose the right settings....
How to photography christmas lights

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

It's that time of year and we all want to get great pictures of our indoor Christmas decorations, especially the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  Photographing anything indoors presents its own challenge, but photographing a lit Christmas tree is especially...
Make your own holiday cards tutorial

Make Your Own Holiday Cards

With the holiday season fast approaching I wanted to show you how you can save some money by making your own holiday cards with free online software.  Using those online card sites can get quite pricey and sometimes we wait to long to actually use...

Download 4 of the 10 DSLR Cheat Sheets included in the course to make taking great photos easy!

Learning how to use your camera to get great photos can be easy and affordable.

When I first got my camera, I really struggled to find the right information that was easy to digest and understand.  That’s why 10 years later, once I had figured it all out, I created a course specifically designed to do just that and also not break the bank.  The Beginner DSLR Photography Course will teach you how to get off of Auto and into Manual mode so you can get the full potential out of your camera and take awesome photos.

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